Only  $12 per 100!

In  KATY, TX ~ 

Delivering all over the Greater Houston area!


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                                 Q & A:                                   1)  How will my filled waterballoons be packaged?

       Your balloons will be securely packaged in clear, air-tight bags of 50 each (+ EXTRAS in  every bag!)

     2)  How should I care for my waterballoons?

     * Remember! ALWAYS keep your bags of waterballoons on a smooth surface (NEVER      directly on grass). Example: Lay a blanket on the grass. Then place your bags on it.

      * Keep balloons OUT of direct sunlight until time of use. Placing them in the shade is fine..... or simply cover them.

     3)  How long will my waterballoons last?

          Most of your balloons should last for about a week if stored properly on a smooth surface, & in a climate controlled environment.

     4)  Do you offer any othere types of waterballoons not shown here?

      Yes! We also offer cannonballs (slightly larger), baseballs, cherry-bombs (cherry scented), & camouflage. We only display our favorites here on our website.

     5)  Can I pay with a credit card?

         Yes, through Paypal 

      6)  Is it ever too late to cancel?

       Cancel anytime.... Of course, we'd love at least a day's notice if possible :)